Verse 168

7:168 wa qaT-Ta’Ånaahum fiyl arDi umamaa* minhumuS SaaliHuuna wa minhum duuna dhaalika wa balawnaahum bil Hasanaati was say-yiaati la’Al-lahum yarji’UUn

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Ahmed Raza Khan: Mohammed Aqib Qadri:
And We divided them in the earth as separate groups; some of them are righteous and some are the other type; and We tested them with good (favours) and evil things (adversities) so that they may return.

Yusuf Ali:
We broke them up into sections on this earth. There are among them some that are the righteous, and some that are the opposite. We have tried them with both prosperity and adversity: In order that they might turn (to us).

And We have sundered them in the earth as (separate) nations. Some of them are righteous, and some far from that. And We have tried them with good things and evil things that haply they might return.

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