Verse 86

7:86 wa laa taq’Uduu bi kul-li SiraaTin tuu’Iduuna wa taSud-duuna ‘An sabiylil-laahi man aamana bihii wa tabguunahaa ‘Iwajaa* wadhkuruu idh kuntum qaliylan fa kath-tharakum* wanZuruu kayfa kaana ‘AAqibatul mufsidiyn

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Ahmed Raza Khan: Mohammed Aqib Qadri:
"And do not be seated on every road in order to scare the travellers, and to prevent from Allah’s path the people who believe in Him, wishing to distort it; and remember when you were few and He increased your numbers; and see what sort of fate befell the mischievous!"

Yusuf Ali:
"And squat not on every road, breathing threats, hindering from the path of Allah those who believe in Him, and seeking in it something crooked; But remember how ye were little, and He gave you increase. And hold in your mind's eye what was the end of those who did mischief.

Lurk not on every road to threaten (wayfarers), and to turn away from Allah's path him who believeth in Him, and to seek to make it crooked. And remember, when ye were but few, how He did multiply you. And see the nature of the consequence for the corrupters!

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