Verse 70

7:70 qaaluu aji'tanaa lina’Åbudal-laaha waHdahuu wa nadhara maa kaana ya’Åbudu aabaaunaa* fa’tinaa bimaa ta’Idunaa in kunta minaS Saadiqiyn

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Ahmed Raza Khan: Mohammed Aqib Qadri:
They said, "Have you come to us in order that we worship only Allah, and abandon those whom our ancestors worshipped?! So bring upon us what you promise us, if you are truthful."

Yusuf Ali:
They said: "Comest thou to us, that we may worship Allah alone, and give up the cult of our fathers? bring us what thou threatenest us with, if so be that thou tellest the truth!"

They said: Hast come unto us that we should serve Allah alone, and forsake what our fathers worshipped? Then bring upon us that wherewith thou threatenest us if thou art of the truthful!

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